The seventh Era New Horizons film festival in Wroclaw, Poland will open July 19 with Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.

The festival's opening night will also include a concert by Marianne Faithfull, who will also be in Wroclaw to introduce her film Irina Palm. The festival closes July 29 with Anton Corbijn's Ian Curtis biopic Control.

The event will host 231 feature films and 229 shorts and documentaries from 47 countries.

Highlights include Aleksander Sokurov's Alexandra, Bela Tarr's The Man From London, Pablo Trapero's Born And Bred, Andre Techine's The Witnesses, and Paul Andrew Williams' London To Brighton.

The international competition will include 18 director-driven features (see below). The Grand Prix for competitors is voted on by the audience.

Era New Horizons also hosts a competition of New Polish Films, which will include seven works such as Leszek Wosiewicz's Because Of Love.

Other sidebars include a focus on Australian cinema, and retrospectives devoted to Hal Hartley, Federico Fellini and Polish film-maker Julian Jozef Antonisz.

Era New Horizons Competition
AFR, dir. Morten Hartz Kaplers, Denmark
Body Rice, dir. Hugo Vieira da Silva, Portugal
Silent Light (Stellet Licht), dir. Carlos Reygadas, Mexico
Does It Hurt' - The First Balkan Dogma (Boli li' - Prva balkanska Dogma), dir. Aneta Lesnikovska, Macedonia/Netherlands/Kosovo
You, the Living (Du levande) dir. Roy Andersson, Sweden
Import/Export, dir. Ulrich Seidl, Austria
Egg (Yumurta), dir. Semih Kaplanoglu, Turkey/Greece
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone (Hei yanquan), dir. Tsai Ming-Liang, Malaysia/China/Taiwan/France/Austria
Opera Jawa, dir. Garin Nugroho, Indonesia/Austria 2006,
Potosi, the Journey (Potosi: le temps du voyage), dir. Ron Havilio, Israel/France
Apart From That, dir. Jennifer Shainin, Randy Walker, US
Falkenberg Farewell (Farval Falkenberg), dir. Jesper Ganslandt, Sweden/Denmark
Half Moon (Niwemag), dir. Bahman Ghobadi, Iran /Iraq /Austria/France
Syndromes and a Century (Sang sattawat), dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand/France/Austria
Wolfsbergen, dir. Nanouk Leopold, Netherlands/Belgium
It Happened Just Before (Kurz davor ist es passiert), dir. Anja Salomonowitz, Austria
The Mourning Forest (Mogari no mori), dir. Naomi Kawase, Japan/France
Solitary Fragments (La soledad), dir. Jaime Rosales, Spain