The 2nd World Adventure Film Festival, held in the remoteAmazonas city of Manaus, has announced its line-up - and several starsincluding Alicia Silverstone and Roman Polanski are packing their bags for aweek in the jungle.

Set to unspoolbetween November 4 and 11, the Amazonas festival will open with Oliver Twist and close with An Unfinished Life.

Eight films willfeature in competition, all with a theme of man and his relationship with theenvironment. They are Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures, directed by Brazil's MarceloGomes ; Dreaming Lhasa, by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonma ; Kekexili :Mountain Patrol, byChina's Lu Chuan ; Regis Wargnier's Man To Man ; Tsui Hark's Venice-opener SevenSwords ; ShootingDogs, by MichaelCaton-Jones and John Dahl's The Great Raid.

This year's President of Honour is Brazil's HectorBabenco, and the UK's Mark Jenkins, Chuck Russell from the US, Portugese actorJoaquim De Almeida, and Jean-Christophe Grange from France will join Polanskiand Silverstone, some on Manaus's juries.

Apart from themain competition, the 2nd World Adventure Film Festival will also feature twocompetitive documentary sections, one, with eight films, dedicated to 'ethnic'docs, and the second for wildlife documentaries, with six films.

Set up last yearby the governor of Manaus Eduardo Braga, Belgian film-maker Jean-PierreDutilleux, and festival organiser Lionel Chouchan, the first festival in Manausfeatured Roland Joffe as the head of the jury. Despite the fact that it takesalmost 24 hours to reach Manaus, a jungle city of 1.7m inhabitants town on thebanks of the Rio Negro, from Europe, this year's festival is expanding.