Canadian filmmakers SarahPolley and Don McKellar are calling on the federal government to take strongmeasures to improve the fortunes of local television and film, includingintroducing local content rules in cinemas.

The two, both actors,writers and directors, made a presentation on behalf of the Canadian actors'guild ACTRA before the House of Commons Heritage Committee reviewing Canada'sfeature film policy.

Polley said the governmentshould make the financing, promotion and broadcast of Canadian films part of abroadcaster's licence renewal. "The networks air hardly any Canadian fare and thegovernment and the [federal broadcast regulator] CRTC are letting them get awaywith it."

McKellar decried the lack ofstable long-term funding for such agencies as Telefilm Canada, the NationalFilm Board and the CBC, saying "It would be a very fine thing if creativepeople in the film and television industry didn't have to crawl through glassevery two years, asking committees, MPs and bureaucrats to keep what we alreadyhave."

Both asked the committee torecommend steps that would help the production and promotion of Canadian films,one of which would be a rule requiring exhibitors and broadcasters to show moreCanadian films.