UniversalPictures/UIP opened hit comedy Along Came Polly in eight more territories this weekendincluding Korea, Russia and Sweden for an estimated total of $5m at 2,000 sitesin 32 countries.

Theinternational total on the film is now $69m, with ten more territories still toopen including New Zealand and Panama next weekend.

Polly's holdovers included Germany where ittook an estimated $0.61m in its fifth weekend for a total of $10.9m, Spainwhere it grossed $0.73m in its fourth weekend for a total of $5.1m and $0.2m inits sixth weekend in the UK where its total is $14.4m.

MeanwhileUniversal, which has most of the world on Strike Entertainment's Dawn Of TheDead, opened well inMexico with $0.66m on 203 sites including paid previews. It performed betterthan 28 Days Later (by 3%) and Freddy Vs Jason (by 5%), and came in fourthbehind Scooby Doo 2, The Passion Of The Christ and Peter Pan.

The film grossed $1.7m inits second weekend in the UK through independent Entertainment, bringing itsten-day total to $6.5m.