Poseidon, United 93 and RV all maketheir major-market international debuts this weekend in the relative quietafter the successive worldwide launches of The Da Vinci Code and X-Men:The Last Stand.

Unlike the two blockbusters that have dominated theinternational marketplace since mid-May, the new entrants - each with somethingto prove outside North America - are beginning in just a handful ofterritories, though there will be head-to-head contests in the UK, Italy andAustralia.

Warner Bros International will be hoping that WolfgangPetersen's disaster movie Poseidon can make up internationally for itsdisappointing domestic performance. The film has so far opened in a few smallerAsian territories and grossed (as of May 29) $10.1m in the international arena.

This week, Poseidon has already launched (onWednesday, May 31) in Korea and it will cruise into Australia and Italy onThursday, June 1, the UK and Mexico on Friday, June 2, and Japan on Saturday,June 3.

Universal's United 93 opens, through UIP, onThursday, June 1 in Germany and on Friday, June 2 in the UK. British directorPaul Greengrass's emotional thriller about the flight of one of the hijackedSeptember 11 planes has worked well domestically but it remains to be seenwhether non-US audiences will show the same level of interest.

Barry Sonnenfeld's RV has emerged as a surprise earlysummer hit in North America and now Sony Pictures Releasing International(SPRI) will be looking for some equally strong runs in international markets. Thebroad comedy opens on Thursday, June 1 in Australia (on 182 screens), Italy (on100 screens) and a number of smaller territories.

Films extending their international rollouts this weekendinclude DreamWorks/UIP's Over the Hedge, which arrives in Russia on June1, Universal/UIP's Fearless and Paramount/UIP's Hustle and Flow,both of which hit Spain on June 2, and Paramount/UIP's Failure to Launch,which comes (with a $35.8m international gross to date) to Taiwan on June 3.

SPRI launches The Benchwarmers (with $1.6m frominternational to date) in the UK (on 125 screens) and Mexico (on 150 screens)on June 2. And Fox International opens Stay (whose international totalstands at $2.7m) in Japan on June 3, with 17 prints.

All the weekend's new releases, however, will have tocompete with the marketplace's still powerful blockbusters. As of May 31,SPRI's The Da Vinci Code had amassed $337.5m from the internationalmarketplace in just a week and a half. Fox International's X-Men: The LastStand, meanwhile, stood at $91.2m from international territories after lessthan a week.