Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix: An IMAX 3D Experience broke several giant-format records this past week, including largest worldwide gross ($9.4m), largest domestic 5-day total ($7.3m), largest domestic per screen average ($80,500) and largest single day ($1.9m).

It was also the widest-ever opening for IMAX, with 91 screeens in North America and 35 in the rest of the world. Another 17 international IMAX screens will be added in the coming weeks. Overall, the film grossed $333m.

Speaking to Screen Daily, IMAX Filmed Entertainment chairman and president Greg Foster said, 'We're no longer a niche business. When you're putting out $9.4m at the box office over five days, people pay attention. That's not a cute little cherry on top.' Foster said the film also set company records for most advance ticket sales and sold-out cinemas.

The film was converted to 2D using IMAX's DMR conversion process; the finale was converted into 3D. Said Foster, 'It's the ultimate 3D. You experience it at the bridge of your nose. It's not gimmicky. 3D has come and gone in other formats but in IMAX it has evolved into something exceptional.'

Upcoming IMAX titles include Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf, which will be converted into 3D with DMR, and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, which is being shot with a mixture of IMAX and conventional 35mm.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are directing and producing three IMAX 3D titles based on the Belgian comic book adventurer Tintin for Paramount/DreamWorks while Twentieth Century Fox is expected to release James Cameron's 3-D picture Avatar sometime in 2009.