In three years, the International Screenwriters Festival has claimed an important place in the industry calendar.

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    Founder and festival head David Pearson, of Arturi Films,took the initiative to start the event in 2006, convinced that there needed to be a place where screenwriters and the wider industry could come together.

    It was clear immediately that he had hit a chord with a strong line-up that brought a big and diverse crowd of speakers anddelegates.

    The event, supported by a strong board and an enthusiastic set of sponsors,has helped give the role of writers a much bigger profile.

    That became clear in the 2007second edition, where the festival was a big part of the discussions on the Screenwriters Manifesto, drawn up by a group of writers demanding a reassessment of their place in the industry.

    This year, the Hollywood writers strike demonstrates again how relevant the event is to core issues for the global business.

    But the festival has succeeded by being much more than a talking shop. Its pitching sessions are a serious opportunity for ambitious writers, and the sessions give real insight from some of the best in the business.

    The big contributor to the relaxed atmosphere of the event is its location in the Cotswolds town of Cheltenham, home to a major literary festival.

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