Bollywood productions may bring work for UK crews and facilities, but another financial benefit is found through tourism.

The UK Film Council's Clare Wise says: "The Bollywood films that are going to travel are going to be somewhere between the $2m-$20m mark, which means even if they spend 70% or 80% in the UK, compared to what the average Hollywood film drops here, it's a very small amount."

But the tourism these films are responsible for is more significant.

"There was an air treaty last year with more slots for BA and Virgin and they are full of Indians travelling to the UK to see where films were shot," Wise adds. "The location that Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham used at Blenheim Palace in 2001 saw an 800% increase in the number of Indian tourists there."

Film London's Adrian Wootton says: "I think finally there's a real recognition that these 'set jetters' are bringing in money."