After his award-winning debut A Trip, 27 year-old Slovenian director Nejc Gazvoda has started filming his second feature Dual.

Co-written by Gazvoda and Janez Lapajne, Dual is a love story between two girls, Tina (A Trip’s Nina Rakovec) and Iben (Denmark’s Mia Jexen, from Niels Nørløv Hansen’s The Reunion). It will include dialogue in English, Slovenian and Danish. Principal photography started on Aug 29 and should be finished by the end of October.

“I always wanted to make a love story that is pure as possible - that starts as a friendship and under the circumstances develops into love,” Gazvoda tells Screen. “But the hidden themes in Dual are similar to A Trip, things I like to explore and I will continue in this direction. The lesbian theme is actually a minor theme in the universe of Dual, where the seriousness of todays youth situation in Europe and things in life you can not control prevail as the things I explore.”

A Trip world-premiered at 2011 Sarajevo Film Festival and went on to more than 20 international festivals, winning awards at Nashville Film Festival and Cleveland International Film Festival, as well as seven prizes at the 2011 Festival of Slovenian Film. At the Slovenian box office, it sold more than 15,000 admissions, an excellent result for a local art film.

A co-production between Slovenia’s Perfo (which was also behind A Trip), Denmark’s Beofilm and Croatia’s Studio Dim, Dual is budgeted at €908,166 with backing from the Slovenian Film Centre, Danish Film Institute and Croatian Audiovisual Centre.

Producers expect the film to be finished in spring 2013.