EXCLUSIVE: New film and TV participants include crew from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Spectre and The Martian.

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BAFTA’s networking and career development programme for UK-based film and TV workers BAFTA Crew will this year include key crew from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Spectre and The Martian.

New vfx department crew attending the programme include Carlos Ciudad (Jupiter Ascending), Jason Brown (Terminator Genisys) and David Michael Schneider (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Art department crew include Sarah Ginn (Beauty & the Beast), Dominic Sikking (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens) and Matt Wynne (The Martian).

Other new names include Riccardo Bacigalupo (first assistant editor Kingsman: The Secret Service), Jo Beart-Albrecht (costume department Suffragette) and Thomas Wade (2nd Unit camera Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens).

The group will be officialy unveiled by BAFTA next week and will have a private networking event on Tuesday August 4th in London. Collaborators on the scheme include Creative Skillset and Creative England.

2015-16 Bafta Crew Participants

New Participants in 2015:

New Members

Abramo De Licio, Camera, England

Adam Hutchings, Editing, England

Adriene Whitwell, Locations Dept - Assistant Location Manager and Location Scout, England

Al Rogers, Editing, England

Alan Tony Frances, Sound (Production), England

Alexander Parsons, Composer, England

Alexandra Toomey, Art Department, England

Alistair Ferguson, Editing, Scotland

Andrea Cuadrado, Editing, England

Andrea Illes, Hair and Make Up, England

Andreea Dumitrescu, Hair and Make Up, England

Andrew Harris, Art Department, Scotland

Andrew Jones, Visual Effects, England

Andy Morgan, Location Manager, England

Andy Vyse, Production Management, England

Angus Devey-Robson, Sound (Production), England

Ann Evelin Lawford, Camera, England

Anna Carrington, Camera, England

Annabel Wigoder, Development Producer, England

Anne T. Delaney, Costume, England

Annie Rowe, Casting, England

Annie Russell, Hair and Make Up, England

Antonis Tsoukatos, Sound (Production), England

Aris Anastassopoulos, Sound (Production), England

Asad Qureshi, Producer/Director, England

Babs Forman, Hair and Make Up, England

Barbara Elum-baldres, Costume, England

Ben Astill, Assistant Director, England

Benjamin Mankin, Camera, England

Bethany Fletcher, Hair and Make Up, England

Blandine Grimaldi, Production Management, England

Bojan Brbora, Camera, England

Caitlin Wilcox, Production Management, England

Carlene Garvey, Wales, Production Management

Carlos Ciudad, Visual Effects, England

Catherine Goldschmidt, Camera, England

Charlie Thompson, Editing, England

Chris Gayne, Sound (Production), England

Chris Hatcher, Camera, Wales

Chris Maclean, Sound (Post Production), England

Christian Bourne, Sound (Production), England

Christopher Evans, Art Department, England

Claire Tailyour, Editing, England

Clare James, Production Management, England

Clarisse Ricardo, Art Department, England

Colin Arnold, Editing, England

Daniel Gale-Coyne, Editing, England

Daniel Vincze, Art Department, England

Darko Mocilnikar, Sound (Production), England

Dave Aspinall, Camera, England

David O’Neill, Production Management, England

David Michael Schneider, Visual Effects, England

Dawid Pietkiewicz, Camera, England

Derek Gilbert, Zacho, Visual Effects, England

Domenico Palomba, Camera, England

Dominic Sikking, Art Department, England

Elena Rubio-Hall, Production Management, England

Elisha Mccormick, Editing, England

Emma Hanson, Production Management, England

Emma Lindow, Production Management, England

Erica Procopis, Hair and Make Up, England

Erick Kwashie, Production Management, England

Esther Hegarty, Personal Assistant to Directors, England

Evgeny Sinelnikov, Camera, England

Fabiola Bastianelli, Hair and Make Up, England

Faye Morgan, Production Management, England

Fiona Mehrabany, Production Management, England

Florah Uddin, Assistant Director, England

Frances Darvell White, Hair and Make Up, England

Gabor Kerekes, Hair and Make Up, England

Giancarlo Dellapina, Sound (Production), England

Guido Lerner, Sound (Production), England

Gwen Norcliffe, Editing, England

Harry Eagle, Production Management, England

Helen McDonald, Hair and Make Up, England

Helen Miles, Sound (Post Production), England

Hussain Ahmed, Production Management, England

Ian Brown, Editing, England

Ian Heard, Locations, England

Ilaria Fulvio, Camera, England

Iona Smith Oliver, Costume, England

Isona Rigau, Art Department

Jack Wensley, Sound (Post Production), England

Jacopo Miceli, Production Management, England

Jacqueline Blundell, Art Department, England

Jamey-Leigh Weber, Hair and Make Up, England

Janine Baker, Production Management, England

Jason Brown, Visual Effects, England

Jerry Pradon, Camera, England

Jo Beart-Albrecht, Costume, England

Jo Conti, Costume, Wales

Jo Stobbs, Costume, England

Joanna Cihuta, Hair and Make Up, England

Joanna Thapa, Production Management, England

Joanna Vale, Sound (Production), England

Joao L. C. Da Silva, Camera, England

Joe Kotroczo, Production Management, England

Jon Howard, Camera, England

Joss Albert, Composer, England

Julie Atkins, Hair and Make Up, England

Kate Larking, Production Management, England

Kate Molins, Camera, England

Katren Wood, Art Department, England

Keith Scott, Camera, England

Kirsten McMahon, Camera, Scotland

Konstantina Markopoulou, Vision Engineering, England

Kristen Griffin, Camera, England

Laura McGhie, Production Management, Scotland

Laura Radford, Camera, England

Laura Vaakanainen, Hair and Make Up, England

Leila Mauro, Hair and Make Up, England

Lesley Elliott, Art Department, Wales

Liane Escorza, Production Management, England

Lisa Forrest, Editing, England

Louise Lynch, Production Management, Wales

Lucy Johnstone, Sound (Post Production), England

Luke Bryant, Camera, England

Marcia Doyle, Art Department, England

Maria Tanjala, Production Management, England

Mark Lacey, Assistant Director, England

Mark Davies, Visual Effects, England

Mathew Birch, Sound (Production), England

Matt Wynne, Art Department, England

Micaela Ralph, Art Department, England

Michael Brewster, Camera, England

Michael O’Kelly, Production Management, England

Michelle Lord, Editing, Scotland

Mike Wood, Sound (Post Production), England

Natasha Ball, Art Department, England

Natasha Torin, Production Management, England

Nathaniel Hill, Camera, England

Neil Bradley, Camera, England

Neil Oseman, Camera, England

Nelson Oliver, Camera, England

Nerys Nicholls, Production Management, England

Nick Brown, Camera, England

Nick Thomson, Camera, England

Nicola Daley, Camera, England

Nikki Mcchristie, Editing, Scotland

Noni Couell, Production Management, England

Nuria Perez, Camera, England

Oliver Hickey, Camera, England

Owen Shirley, Sound (Post Production), England

Paul Keyworth, Sound (Production), England

Phil Meachem, Production Management, England

Philip Scaife, Editing, England

Philipp Karg, Production Management, England

Prakash Patel, Editing, England

Rachael Ellis, Production Management, England

Rachael Hallum, Hair and Make Up, England

Rachel Durance, Editing, England

Rachel Hudson, Art Department, England

Rachel Hoult, Editing, England

Rajesh Rajilal, Production Management, England

Rebecca Gore, Costume, England

Rebecca Lloyd, Editing, England

Rhys Barter, Editing, England

Riccardo Bacigalupo, Editing, England

Richard Bradbury, Camera, England

Richard Smither, Editing, England

Rick Mcleod, Camera, England

Ricky Milling, Editing, England

Robyn Barresi, Assistant Director, England

Roy Forberg, Production Management, England

Ryan Boucher, Editing, England

Ryan McMurray, Sound (Production), England

Samantha Patterson, Camera, England

Sarah Ginn, Art Department, England

Sarah James, Sound (Production), Wales

Scott Newton, Production Management, Northern Ireland

Simon Gumbleton, Sound (Production), England

Simon Rogers, Art Department, England

Simon Rowling, Camera, England

Simone Macdonald, Special Effects/Hair and Make Up, England

Smitha Kalkuzhi, Production Management, England

Sophie Battersby, Hair and Make Up, England

Sophie Coppola, Hair and Make Up, England

Stefanie Watkins, Editing, England

Steffen Goeschel, Camera, England

Steven Donnelly, Camera, Scotland

Steven Waltham, Editing, Wales

Steven Worsley, Editing, England

Suzanne Smith, Camera, England

Thomas Hart-George, Sound (Production), England

Thomas Kelpie, Editing, England

Thomas Wade, Camera, England

Tom, Westgate, Assistant Director, England

Tommy, Zalucki, Editing, England

Trace Taylor, Editing, England

Victoria Youngman, Camera, Scotland

Vittoria Citerni di Siena, First Assistant Director, England

William Baldy, Camera, England

Returning Participants:

Alan O’Duffy, Sound (Production), England

Alanna Riddell, Script Coordinator, Northern Ireland

Alex Metcalfe, Camera, England

Alix Milan, Camera, England

Alex Nevill, Camera, England

Alexander Lentjes, Visual Effects, England

Alison Piper, Floor Runner, Scotland

Amanda Young, Editing, England

Amy MCcann, Editing England

Andrew Simon McAllister, Composer, Northern Ireland

Ben Louden, Visual Effects, England

Bennett Maples, Sound (Post Production), England

Bertil Mulvad, Camera, England

Bradley Morgan Johnson, Art Department, England

Caroline Bridges, Camera, England

Charles Bates, Production Management, England

Charlie Morton, Editing, England

Chris Jones, Camera, England

Christopher Davis, Composer, England

Claire Pritchard Jones, Hair and Make Up, Wales

Clive North, Camera, England

Craig Rihoy, Sound (Production), England

Darren Tubby, Art Department, England

David Aston, Sound (Post Production), England

David Woodyer, Editing, England

David  Lee, Camera, Scotland

Dean McLeod, Art Department, England

Derrick Peters, Camera, England

Gail Jenkinson, Camera, England

Gemma Wright, Producer and 2nd Assistant, England

Grant Bridgeman, Sound (Production), England

Guido Schneider, Editing, Scotland

Helen Quinn, Hair and Make Up, England

Helen Yates, Art Department, England

James Martin, Camera, England

James Page, Editing, England

Jo Sweeting, Hair and Make Up, England

John West, Art Department, England

Julie Bills, Camera, Scotland

Karmjit Kalla, Costume, England

Katie Player, Production Management, Wales

Katy Tuxford, Art Department, England

Kayleigh Powell, Art Department, England

Kelly Lappin, Production Management, Wales

Kian Mcclure, Sound (Production), Scotland

Kieron Edwards, Art Department, England

Kizzy Dhaliwal, Production Management, England

Kumi Kamegawa, Editing, England

Liam Hobbs, Production Management, Wales

Lisa Byrne, Production Management, Northern Ireland

Mari Yamamura, Camera, England

Mark Garrett, Camera, Northern Ireland

Mark Kenna, Sound (Post Production), England

Martin Newstead, Camera, Scotland

Martyn Culpan, Camera, England

Mary Anderson, Hair and Make Up, England

Melanie Lenihan, Hair and Make Up, England

Merlin Bonning, Sound (Production), Scotland

Mhairi Macritchie, Sound (Post Production), England

Miles Bellas, Visual Effects, England

Neil Johnson, Camera, England

Nick Gorman, Production Management, England

Nigel Buck, Editing, England

Noel Probyn, Camera, England

Paul Frost, Art Department, England

Peter Baxter, Camera, England

Philip Hookway, Editing, England

Philip Robertson, Camera, Scotland

Philiy Page, Production Management, England

Polly Rose, Editing, England

Rebecca Preston, Editing, England

Rebecca Tredget, Costume, England

Robbie Gibbon, Editing, England

Robert Leveritt, Sound (Post Production), England

Rosalie Tyack, Costume, England

Ross Bradley, Editing, England

Saffron Powell, Hair and Make Up, England

Sam Morris, Camera, England

Sam Redwood, Art Department, England

Sarah Dutton, Costume, England

Sian Jenkins, Production Management, Northern Ireland

Simon Myers, Editing, England

Simon Quinn, Production Management, England

Simon King, Camera, England

Simon Vickery, Camera, Scotland

Steve Simmons, Art Department, England

Steve Thomas, Sound (Production), England

Stuart Clayton, Camera, England

Stuart Wright, Sound (Production), England

Sy Turner, Camera, Wales

Tabitha Quitman, Art Department, England

Tania Freimuth, Camera, England

Tom Fitzgerald, Editing, England

Tricia Temple, Hair and Make Up, England

Vanessa Ainsworth, Production Management, England

Victoria Hanna, Camera, England

Wendy Cairns, Art Department, Scotland

Will Winfield, Editing, England

Win Mensah Larbie, Production Management, England

XaioXaio Sun, Editing, England

Xavier Jackson, Sound (Production), England

Zoe Howerska, Costume, Wales

Zoe Davis, Editing, England