It will bring together the teams behind Planet Earth and When Dinosaurs Roamed America.

BBC Worldwide is teaming up with US based Evergreen Films to make a 3D dinosaur feature film.

The untitled project will combine factual content with a story about the families struggling to survive in the prehistoric age. The film is in pre production, with plans to release in 2012.

It will bring together the team behind BBC TV productions Walking With Dinosaurs and Planet Earth, with the makers of When Dinosaurs Roamed America and Dinosaur Planet.

Marcus Arthur, managing director of global brands for BBC Worldwide said “With Evergreen Films we intend to set the benchmark in this genre in the same way that Planet Earth and Life have achieved in Natural History”

“The possibilities with Dinosaurs are endless and we intend to explore every avenue, pushing every boundary to give a full brand experience to our audience with the innovation and quality they expect from BBC Earth,” he added.

Pierre de Lespinois, co-founder of Evergreen Films added: “Working with BBC Worldwide we are bringing together the leading palaeontologists in the field with award-winning scriptwriters and a world-class production team using the latest advancements in technology to produce a Dinosaur film of unprecedented scale and quality”