C4, the research-based SaaS company servicing the entertainment industry, has signed an overall agreement including obtaining all Motion Picture Group (MPG) data assets.

C4 founders film producers D Todd Shepherd and George Waud of Miscellaneous Entertainment and producer and financier Michael Benaroya made the announcement with David Lugliani of MPG.

“We are all very happy that we could work out this mutually beneficial deal with MPG and its advisors,” said Shepherd. “The team at C4 is already working to revolutionise the way decision makers analyse creative and financial entertainment content with the support of sound research and smart data algorithms. Having the MPG research data is useful in that quest.”

“We are pleased to have reached this positive resolution with MPG,” added Benaroya. “Vincent has skillfully guided this process, and continues to impress with the new research products he has proposed, which we are now developing. With Vincent, and our newly formed management and technology teams, we look forward to bringing impactful new research product to the industry in the coming months.”

Former OTX and MPG executive Vincent Bruzzese is running the fully operational C4 for the co-founders. 

Bruzzese is supported by research experts and former MPG executives Kristen Simmons, Miriam Brin, Wade Young and Rob Siegel at C4.