EXCLUSIVE: The Munich-based writer is adapting the award-winning Norwegian fantasy book series for both big and small screens.

Phenomena is based on the seven-book series by Ruben Eliassen that centres on two elf children who learn they could hold the key to saving the world from evil forces.

The books were published in Norway from 2002-2012. Limmer’s completed screenplay would be the first version to introduce the adventures to English-speaking audiences.

Limmer is currently shortlisted by the German Academy in the best TV writer category for TV movie Paradise 505. His credits include Tatort and Polizeiruf 110 as well as the feature Hinter Kaifeck.

Phenomena is a co-production between Filmed Imagination, G4C Innovation and Magicworx and the producers are Christian Arnold-Beutel, Gudrun Giddings, Marius Haugan and Daniel Marc Dreifuss.

Giddings and Arnold-Beutel brokered the deal on behalf of the producers with Astride Bergauer of Agentur Scenario on behalf of Limmer.