In the latest example of “crowd funding”, a new documentary about Hollywood director David Lynch is to be financed by online contributions from his fans.

LYNCHthree is the third in a trilogy of films about the director of Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and Wild At Heart. 

In order to raise production costs, the director, who trained as an artist before turning to film-making, has donated one of his own self portraits, a print of which will be sent to any fan willing to donate $50 towards the project.

Fans who donate will also become “members” of the project, receiving newsletter updates about the film’s progress and access to exclusive footage.

The film’s producer, Jon Nguyen, said: “LYNCHthree benefits both financially and artistically from the online project through its dialogue with David’s fans. There are so many questions that we would like to ask David, and building a network of his fans allows us to hear what they would like to ask him if they could hold the camera.”

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