Animation feature, based on Tadeusz Baranowski’s comic books, receives more than $100,000 development funding.

Warsaw-based animation studio Human’s Ark has been granted $107,000 (€80,000) development funding for Diplodocus [pictured].

The animation feature is based on cult Polish author Tadeusz Baranowski’s comic books about a time-travelling dinosaur and the funding has come from MEDIA and the Polish Film Institute.

Director Wojtek Wawszczyk commented: “These comics were highly popular in Poland – I think everybody my age knows the memorable, sympathetic characters and remembers their adventures, which are simply hilarious. Diplodocus will be a children’s film with an original voice and style – unlike other animation productions, which imperfectly try to mimic American blockbusters.”

Wawszczyk and scriptwriter Rafał Skarżycki has previously worked together on feature-length comic book adaptation George the Hedgehog.

“We are developing a cross-media strategy from the very beginning. The charismatic time-travelling protagonists will work very well in games and apps. The distribution will be supported by re-releases of the comic books in different territories,” added producer Anja Šošić.

Human Ark’s short The Lost Town of Switez, directed by Kamil Polak, was presented at more than 160 festivals, winning 25 awards.