Manish Mundra’s production company Drishyam and Sundance Institute have organised the Drishyam – Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab 2015 to take place in Goa, India, from April 12-16.

The Lab is inviting applications as part of its open submission process and the deadline for script submission is March 5.

The initiative is aimed at film-makers on their first or second narrative feature and covers co-writers, writer-directors or writer-director teams. Writers will be able to develop their work under the guidance of international advisors.

Film-makers must submit a complete draft of a screenplay as well as supporting materials. For further details click here.

Former Mumbai Film Festival MAMI festival director Srinivasan Narayanan will lead the initiative and said: “With our rich tradition of storytelling, the effort is to hone the skills, open new perspectives in narration and usher in the international idiom in film making to our own tales. To goal is to help Indian films and film makers to find their rightful place in the global space.”

Mundra (pictured) added: “The idea behind Drishyam’s collaboration with the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in India is to promote and nurture the new breed of young and talented writers and directors and give them an opportunity to be mentored by the finest International film-makers. “

“The lab will be very beneficial for Indian Cinema in the long run. It goes well with our idea of promoting content-driven cinema. Films like Margarita With A Straw, Umrika and Masaan have come out of Sundance Screenwriters Lab.”