Major Spanish studio Filmax is set to make a new horror project titled The Returnedwith Manuel Carballo in the director’s chair, following his success with Exorcismus.

Based on a script by Hatem Khraiche, writer of Andres Baiz’S hotly anticipated project Bunker, The Returnedwillbe about a woman called Kate who works in a special unit of a hospital dedicated to a new class of seriously ill people, including her husband Jack, who need daily injections to prevent the development of a dangerous virus which could convert them into something terrible.

The film is currently in development, without any cast or shooting details confirmed yet, but is being promoted at the EFM.

Carballo’s Exorcismus, starring Stephen Billington and Doug Bradley, took more than $1m at the Spanish box office earlier this year through Filmax and sold all over the world, including to IFC Midnight for the US.

Filmax has an excellent reputation for producing quality horror titles, most notably Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero’s [Rec] franchise of films, the first two installments of which took more $20m combined in Spain, and a further two are in development.