Slate includes Two Lives and Max Embarrassing 2.

Danish producer Per Holst has taken in Danish producer Michael Bille Frandsen [pictured] as a partner of his company, Asta Film.

Having first worked with Holst when he was 18, Bille Frandsen has most recently been attached to Danish public broadcaster, DR-TV, where he has signed – among others – the Emmy-winning The Eagle (Ørnen) series.

At the New Nordic Films market during the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, Holst presented his latest co-production with Sweden’s Göta Film, Swedish director Lisa Ohlin’s new feature, Simon and The Oaks (Simon och ekarna), with Bill Skarsgård, Helen Sjöholm, Stefan Gödicke, Jonathan Wächter in the leads.

He also signed with Norewegian producer Axel Helgeland to co-produce his German-Norwegian project of German director Georg Maas’ Two Lives (Zwei Leben/To liv), the first co-production between the two countries in 34 years.

In Denmark, Holst is currently packaging the follow-up on Danish director Lotte Svendsen’s Max Embarrassing 2 (Max Pinlig – sidste skrig!), the third installment of the family comedy franchise, originally a spin-off from a popular television series, as well as a new feature by Danish director Nicolo Donato (Brotherhood/Broderskab).

He is also preparing How Tom and Esther Saved the World (Tom og Esther), from German author Jens Maria Mertz’s original screenplay, to be directed by Michael Hegner.

Holst is known for winning the Palme d’Or and the Oscar for the same film, Bille August’s Pelle the Conqueror (Pelle Erobreren) in 1987.

Title: Two Lives (Zwei Leben/To liv)

Producer: Asta Film, B&T Film, Zinnober and Helgeland Film

Director: Georg Maas

Cast: Devid Striesow, Juliane Köhler and Liv Ullmann