Oscar-nominated Gasland will be first in environment-based trilogy.

Gasland director Josh Fox is planning a trilogy of films based on the subject of natural gas drilling.

Speaking to Screen following last week’s Oscar nomination for Gasland, the documentary which considers the environmental effects of natural gas drilling across the US, Fox said: “We’re interested in making a follow up which would focus on the climate change issue. There are other issues to this crisis that we’re just becoming aware of. We’re also looking at a movie about renewable solutions.”

Fox said that he had been filming the follow-up documentary to Gasland over the past year while touring the film. While Trish Adlesic and Molly Gandour are on board once again as producers, Fox could not confirm whether The Sundance Institute would provide funding, as it did for Gasland.

Fox also revealed that there had been a renewed interest in screening the film across Europe, starting with a screening at the Berlinale and an upcoming screening at the European Parliament.

“There are plans to drill for natural gas in Germany, Italy, Poland and France so we’re trying to make sure the film opens in those places.”

In the US HBO re-aired the 2010 Sundance Special Jury Prize-winner this month.

Dogwoof released the doc in the UK on Jan 17.