Good Universe bought the pitch from writer-director Jonathan Krisel and Emmy-nominated writer Graham Wagner based on Lydia Millet’s satirical novel of the same name.

Krisel will direct and Wagner (pictured) will write the screenplay about a couple who discover the existence of mermaids while celebrating their marriage in a tropical paradise.

Pacific Electric Picture Co’s Ed Helms and Mike Falbo will produce Mermaids In Paradise alongside Danica Radovanov and Krisel. 

Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake of Good Universe will serve as executive producers. Spencer Wong, who brought the project to the company, will oversee for Good Universe.   

“We can’t imagine a better team coming together to adapt this fantastic property,” said Good Universe co-founder Kahane.

“We’re thrilled to be working on Jonathan and Graham’s first feature project after so much success in television, and Danica, Ed and Mike make the perfect team to help bring their vision to the big screen.”