MGM chairman and CEO Gary Barber and president of the motion picture group Jonathan Glickman have raided the vaults and are lining up a full-length Pink Panther hybrid animation and live-action feature.

Andrews will produce alongside Walter Mirisch, executive producer of the original Pink Panther films and television series. Andrews’ late husband Blake Edwards directed seven Pink Panther films from 1963-93.

David Silverman of The Simpsons Movie and Monsters, Inc fame will direct the project, which is conceived as a caper that will focus on the Pink Panther character rather than Inspector Clouseau.

The feature will harken back to the tone shared by the original cartoons created 50 years ago as well as those of the films by Edwards and Mirisch.

“I am delighted that the legacy of Blake’s iconic Pink Panther franchise will continue to grow in its new hybrid form,” said Andrews. “It is exciting that the quintessential next step for our beloved Panther will be enjoyed by a fourth generation of audiences. I feel that Blake is encouraging us on.”

MGM’s Cassidy Lange, senior vice president of production, will oversee the film for the studio.