France’s National Cinema Centre (CNC) and the Korean Film Centre (KOFIC) join forces for Franco-Korean co-production workshop in Paris.

The latest films from Korean directors Roh Gyeong-tae [pictured] and Kim Jho Kwang-soo will be on the table at an upcoming co-production meeting in Paris on Sept 18-20, organised by France’s National Cinema Centre (CNC).

Projects at the event will include experimental director Roh Gyeong-tae’s latest film Black Stones, capturing the plight of a rootless couple, one North Korean, the other a Vietnamese immigrant, living in China with an adopted son.

Gyeong-tae won the New Currents Award at Busan for Land of Scarecrows in 2008.

Prominent gay rights activist and director Kim Jho Kwang-Soo will present The Promise, recounting the public coming out of a formerly married man who inherits his lover’s house after a car accident.

The other projects include Min Byun-Kook’s Mobius Strip, upcoming film-maker Kim Baek-Jun’s Monsters and Shin Chan-bi’s Where Are You From?

September’s workshop is the second edition of the event which was held for the first time last November. France and Korea have had a co-production deal since October 2006.

Two films have been made under the accord so far: Lu Zhang’s Dooman River, which picked up a Crystal Bear Special Mention at Berlin in 2010, and Ounie Lecomte’s award-winning A Brand New Life.