The shoot will start in early May in Lisbon.

Former Berlinale EFP Shooting Stars Alexandra Maria Lara and Edward Hogg have joined the cast  for Blind Watching (working title) the follow up to Tricks, from Andrzej Jakimowski. Shooting will start in early May in Lisbon on the Euros 2.5 million drama. The casting was announced in Berlin by co-producer Mike Downey of UK production outfit Film & Music Entertainment.
The film, written by Jakimowski, tells the story of Ian, a charismatic (and blind) spatial orientation instructor, who arrives at a top notch Lisbon ophthalmological clinic where he is in charge of sessions with blind patients. Among his students, a young woman called Eva, is especially withdrawn and secluded. Ian concentrates his efforts to make her overcome her shyness. He brings her outside the clinic without any permission to help her rediscover the pleasures of life.
The film is a Poland-France-Portugal co-production between ZAiR (Warsaw), KMBO (Paris), Filmes do Tejo II Multimedia (Lisbon)  and is funded by the Polish Film Institute, the Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC), the Institito Do Cinema E Do Audiovisual (ICA), Canal + Cyfrowy Poland and Forum Film Distribution. Mike Downey of Film & Music Entertainment co-produces.