Marvel Studios is working with DMG on a bespoke version of the summer tentpole for Chinese audiences, top brass said on Friday [29] in an announcement whose omissions were as intriguing as its revelations.

In what could signal a new model of Hollywood-China collaborations, the alternative version will contain “significant Chinese elements” including an appearance by local star Fan Bingbing and “specially prepared bonus footage made exclusively for the Chinese audience.”

DMG will distribute and market Iron Man 3 on an unscheduled date in China after investing in the original version of the film that North American and international audiences will get to see on May 3 through Disney’s distribution pipeline.

Both the Chinese and North American/international versions will feature Chinese actor Wang Xueqi as well as footage shot in Beijing in December.

Possibly because of the guaranteed release through DMG, the partners did not apply for co-production status in China.

A Marvel spokesperson declined to elaborate on who wrote the additional material for the Chinese version and when this took place, nor could they reveal whether material from the North American/international version will be cut for Chinese audiences or who funded the extra footage.