Norwegian producer Sigve Endresen, of Oslo-based production outfit Motlys, is building on the outfit’s recent success with the likes of TurnMe On, Goddammit; Oslo, August 31; and The Orheim Company with a busy slate.

“Motlys has become a brand of quality cinema – we work with Norway’s most talented writers and directors,” added Endresen, who instigated the company in 1983 and himself helmed several documentaries, among others For harde livet (For Your Life), which won three Amandas in 1989, including Best Documentary and Best Feature.

In Haugesund, Motlys premiered Norwegian director Dag Johan Haugerud’s I Belong (Som du ser mig), a tragicomedy produced by Yngve Sæther about human differences, which was awarded the first Viaplay Nordic Film Award Haugesund, prior to its domestic release on September 14 through Norsk Filmdistribusjon.

Norwegian director Rune Denstad Langlo’s Chasing the Wind (Jag etter vind), is now in post-production for a spring 2013 release. The Marie Blokhus, Sven-Bertil Taube and Tobias Santelmann starrer follows a woman who returns to her hme town when her grandmother dies – and nothing goes as she expected.

Also in post for an opening next spring is Norwegian director Hanne Myren’s feature debut, Jealousy (Sjalusi), with Julia Wildschut, Ahmed Wasty and Petrus Wildschut in the leads of a love story of a 22-year-old troubled girl and her first boy-friend who treats her well. Enters her father, who left her when she was very young.

Next on Motlys’ agenda are Norwegian directors Eskil Vogt’s [pictured] Blind– the feature debut of Joachim Trier’s co-scriptwriter – and Stian Kristiansen’s Kiss Me, You Fucking Moron (Kyss meg, for faen i helvete), both set for autumn 2013 release, and produced by Endresen with Hans-Jørgen Osnes and  Sæther, respectively.