An unsual collaboration to make two to three films has been created by a 12 month co-development and co-production deal between the Regional Film Centres of Norway and US independents Senza Pictures and Garnet Girl LLC.

Brandi Savitt of Senza and Lisa G Black of Garnet Girl hatched the initiative and will co-produce the films along with selected Norwegian producers. Writers Hawk Ostby [pictured] (who is a Norwegian national) and Mark Fergus (Children Of Men, Iron Man, Cowboys And Aliens) will act as script development advisors on the films.
The Norwegian regional film centres – Filmkraft Rogaland, Sornorsk FilmCenter, Vestnorsk FilmCenter, Vestnorsk Film Commission, Ostnorsk Film Centre, Midtnorsk Film Centre, Internasjonalt Samisk FilmCentre and Western Film Commission And Film Centre – have solicited scripts from local talent to participate and a national selection committee will choose ten scripts to be presented to the US/Norway producing team for final selection.
Once selected, the scriptwriters and producers will be invited to a seven-day script polishing summit led by Ostby and Fergus in August 2012 in Haugesund. The scripts will then be financed and packaged jointly by the Norwegian and US producers.
Black and Savitt came up with the idea after visiting Norway on an extensive location tour in 2010 and worked to cement the deal with the local film centres at Haugesund last year. “We saw an exciting opportunity to partner with our Norwegian counterparts to create a new approach to global film-making,” says Savitt.
The plan is to have the films ready for worldwide distribution by 2014.