French sales outfit Elle Driver is moving into full-on financing with an English-language reimagining of Uruguayan horror film Silent House.

The US film will be directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, the team behind the chilling shark tale Open Water. The original Silent House, which ran in Cannes Directors Fortnight this year, was directed by Gustavo Hernandez and told in 80 minutes of “real time” during one continuous take.

Silent House follows a young woman troubled a childhood trauma. Whilst visiting her family’s isolated summer home with her father and uncle, when they learn they are not alone in the house. The terrifying 80 minute period is told from Sarah’s point of view. Elizabeth Olsen, sister to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, takes the lead role.

Optimum has already picked up the film for UK distribution.

In tackling the project, Kentis and Lau say they were “fascinated by this question of how we could explore the events leading to these brutal murders and make audiences feel as though the story is happening to them - that it is real.” The filmmakers added that by drawing on the full resources of high end production, lighting and sound design and telling the story in real time with no cuts, they are looking “to move the audience closer to truly inhabiting the protagonist’s skin.”

Currently in production, Silent House is set for completion next year. Lau and Kentis wrote the script while Lau is producing along with Agnes Mentre. George Paaswell is executive producing. Production companies are Tazora Films, Silverwood Films and Elle Driver. Man On Wire’s director of photography, Igor Martinovic, is handling camera work.