Roland Pellegrino, producer of more than 35 international films (among them Enemy At The Gates) and writer-director Hagen Myller, are teaming up to make an adaptation of Friedrich Schiller’s classic play, The Robbers.

This was the first play by the celebrated German playwright. Premiering in 1782, it caused an immediate sensation and is considered today as a seminal work of “Sturm und Drang.”

Pellegrino and Myller are planning to update the play to the present day. The Robbers (reloaded) will be written and directed by Myller. The movie is currently in pre-production. Theatrical release is planned for 2013.

Myller first met with Pellegrino in 2011 to share his ideas about the project, which focuses on the rivalry between two brothers.

Industry veteran Pellegrino was formerly an executive director in the KC Group, where he helped set up CP Medien AG (formerly called KC Medien AG). He was also CEO of the holding company, Copro Media AG, under whose roof all activities of the entire company are bundled. Roland was also an executive director of CP International Film Production GmbH and directorate of Capella Films in Los Angeles.