Cohen Media Group has tapped Oscar-nominated director Peter Bogdanovich to direct its television miniseries adaptation of Edward Ball’s The Inventor And The Tycoon: A Gilded Age Murder And The Birth Of Moving Pictures.

“We are thrilled that Peter Bogdanovich will direct this exciting project. He is truly one of the major figures of modern American cinema, and this exceptional story is tailor-made for him,” said Charles S Cohen, chairman and CEO of Cohen Media Group.

Published in 2013, The Inventor And The Tycoon tells the true story of film pioneer Edward Muybridge and wealthy industrialist and politician Leland Stanford.

“It’s a fascinating story about the origins of cinema/beginning of movies and the amazing series of coincidences that led to that creation,” said Bogdanovich.

Bogdanovich will develop the miniseries and serve as co-executive producer alongside Cohen, CMG president Daniel Battsek and Oscar-winning producer Fred Roos.

ICM Partners represented the sale of Ball’s book.