The Abu Dhabi Film Commission has selected six films to for its Aflam Qaseera (Short Film) Production Fund.

The competition involved 90 short films that ranged from five to 12 minutes long. The six films that were selected will be given a $17,500 (AED 100,000) budget. Along with getting aid from Abu Dhabi Film Commission during production, the Commission will also see the films through distribution.

“Short films are not just important calling cards for filmmakers, they also provide valuable experience for local production crews. By teaming up the Aflam Qaseera film makers with UAE production companies, we are also creating more local filming activity, which is contributing to Abu Dhabi’s growing reputation as a global production center,” said David Shepheard, Director of Abu Dhabi Film Commission.

The films that were selected are:

Hamad Mansoor Alawar’s Daddy’s Abc

Jac Mulder’s A Genie Called Gin

Mohamed Youssouf’s Visa Run

Mohammed Al Otaiba’s The Three Sisters Orphanage

Nizar Sfair’s The Tooth Of Hope

Sana Bagersh’s The Journey