Production has wrapped on Strike Productions’ Atlas Shrugged – Part One based on Ayn Rand’s rousing 1957 novel about the collapse of American society after leading thinkers and creators go on strike.

Paul Johansson is directing the first of three instalments from a screenplay by Brian Patrick O’Toole. Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro are producing the film and are eyeing a spring 2011 release.

North American rights are still available and the producers have not appointed an international sales agent.

Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler and Matthew Marsden star in the screen adaptation about a railroad heiress who suspects sinister forces are at work as she struggles to save her family legacy.

The film shot over 40 days in and around Los Angeles using the Red digital camera. Stargate Studios is handling effects.

“The project attracted a number of high-calibre actors as well as reputable directors,” Aglialoro said. “However, we were drawn to a talented cast and director with a passion for the material and desire to execute a faithful cinematic vision.”

“Our goal was to, above all, produce a film that is true to the book and maintains the message of Rand’s timeless novel,” Kaslow said. “We aim to please the millions who have read the book in addition to attracting a new audience to her amazing work.”