The project has been converted from a short that screened in Sundance into a feature in less than a year. Content is handling international sales and Preferred Content represents North American sales.

Content Media Corporation Ltd arranged financing and Content Film president Jamie Carmichael serves as executive producer with Ross M Dinerstein of Preferred Content on board as producer.

Caity Lotz, previously seen in a recurring role on Mad Men, will star alongside Haley Hudson, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Sam Ball, Agnes Bruckner and Casper Van Dien.

“The moment I saw the short film at Sundance, I knew there was an opportunity to make a really strong feature version,” Carmichael said. “After meeting Nick, I was convinced that he was a real director with that special quality that would allow us to make a truly frightening but elevated genre film.”

The filmmakers said after several script revisions they promptly greenlit the project and began to cast.

“Nick and his team did such a great job on the short so it was an easy decision to make to bring everyone back for the movie,” Dinerstein said.