EXCLUSIVE: PTZ International is packaging a new project from Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler

Perrine Teze’s PTZ International is packaging a new project from Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler who will make her feature directorial debut with The Other Side.

The film, which Ensler is also writing, will star Jane Fonda and Kerry Washington. Set in New York and Congo, Ensler told Screen the film is the story of a fancy Park Avenue psychologist (Fonda) who, after the death of her father, realizes her whole life has been lived to fulfill his dreams, not hers.

When she is asked to go to Congo to act as a trauma therapist for rape victims, she accepts the offer believing she’ll be able instrumental in helping the women. However, when she arrives, she is totally unprepared for the atrocities she witnesses and “all of her walls and constructs begin to cave in,” Ensler said, adding, “Ironically, she becomes an extraordinary therapist because she becomes real and present and as lost as the local women which is what they want – they need someone who has real feelings for them.”

Washington’s character is an ambitious journalist who follows a sort of opposite path to Fonda’s becoming more removed on her journey. “It’s a story of change in relationships,” said Ensler, “and how we love people.”

Congo and the plight of the women there are close to engaged philanthropist and humanitarian Ensler’s heart. She has made 7 trips to the Republic in the past 4 years and, via her V-Day movement, recently opened the City of Joy, a community for women survivors of gender violence in Bukavu.

Regarding her move to feature directing, Ensler said “This is a huge leap and of course it’s daunting, but I also feel ready. I’ve been preparing for so many years and the script is so in my heart.”

Ensler says she hopes to be filming within a year while Teze is busy putting together financing and will also handle international sales.

Jean-Claude Fleury, Gérard Frydman and Juliette Ménager are producers.