The venture proposes a new model for indepedent cinema in Italy.

The Italian indies are fighting back against the majors. Here in Cannes, Stefano Pierpaoli has revealed details of new Rome-based initiative Indicinema.

“In Italy, independent cinema doesn’t exist. The majors have absorbed all the production and the distribution network,” Pierpaoli, who heads up International Relations, explained the rationale behind the new venture, which was announced earlier this month.

Indicinema is proposing a new model for independent cinema in Italy. It is lobbying for a new funding model. Actors and technicians’ unions are already supporting the venture. The idea is for indie films to be made with a maximum budget of €600,000.  Indicinema is proposing that 50% of the budgets will come directly from the State.

The aim is to make 45 feature films and 20 documentaries a year. These films would be distributed independently through a new network of theatres.

The new outfit will launch officially in Venice in the autumn. Here in Cannes, Pierpaoli has been meeting with international distributors to explain the Indicinema vision

“In Italy, we don’t have an independent dimension,” Pierpaoli said. “We (must) begin to make cinema – independent and free and without
political control.”