Blonde to Black Pictures looks to digital platform for company investment.

Sadie Frost’s Blonde to Black Pictures is looking to raise £150k through crowdfunding platform Angels Den.

The investment is aimed at bolstering the London-based production company, which is run by actress and fashion designer Frost with business partner Emma Comley.

Blonde to Black is currently in post-production on feature Set the Thames on Fire, about two boys who fall through the clockwork of a grotesque, nightmare London.

Frost stars alongside Noel Fielding, Sally Phillips and ex-Skins actress Lily Loveless.

Frost said of the move: “The team at Angels offered us a great opportunity to bring the next wave of development funds into the company. It seemed very much a part of our ethos to get potential like-minded film fans and enthusiasts that spot a great investment opportunity as part of the team.”

Bill Morrow, co-founder of Angels Den, added: “It’s fantastic that Sadie and the team over at Blonde to Black Pictures have chosen to work with Angels Den with their crowdfunding ambitions. We have already been lucky enough to preview a few snippets from the new movie Set the Thames on Fire and it looks incredible: a definite hit.”