The Society in association with the Kenneth Rainin Foundation have selected 11 narrative feature projects for the seventh round of grants up to $300,000.

The money is awarded to projects that through plot, character, theme or setting explore human and civil rights, discrimination, gender and sexual identity and other contemporary social issues.

The winners will be announced in May and the finallists are:

Kat Candler for Hellion;
Ryan Coogler for Fruitvale;
Robinson Devor for Untitled Sara Jane Moore Project;
Lance Edmands and Kyle Martin for Bluebird;
Carlton Evans and Matthew Lessner for Ross;
Mohammad Gorjestani and Malcolm Pullinger for Somehow;
These Days Will Be Missed;
Leah Meyerhoff and Heather Rae for I Believe In Unicorns;
Judy Phu for The Lovely Rejects;
Ben Snyder for Salvage;
Ray Tintori and Josh Penn for Untitled Cabal Project; and Michael Tully and George Rush for Ping Pong Summer.