EXCLUSIVE: Thriller starring Mark Harris and Kristen Dalton will shoot on location in London and Los Angeles.

Press on Features and Roar Film Entertainment have announced that principal photography on The Broken is set to commence on Dec 1.

Shooting will take place on location in London and LA and will last four weeks.

Simon Phillips, whose directorial debut GBH was released last month, will direct the thriller centred on an ex-convict who takes his family to LA, only for his daughter to be kidnapped and his wife savagely beaten.

The Broken is based on an original story by Mark Harris and was written by Marc Small and Davie Fairbanks who, along with Noel Clarke, wrote British sci-fi Storage 24. Fairbanks also worked on the screenplay for wedding comedy The Knot.

Harris also stars in the film, alongside Kristen Dalton (soon to be seen in Paramount’s Jack Reacher), Felix Ryan, Deji Laray and Nick Sagar, whose credits include iLL Manors.