The Tribeca Film Institute has expanded its Latin America Media Arts Fund to more than $90,000 in grants to support innovative film and artists who live in the Caribbean, Mexico, central and South America.

In addition to the grants, each recipient will benefit from year-round guidance from the Institute, which includes professional development opportunities, pitch training workshops and industry one-on-one meetings.

In partnership with WorldView – a Commonwealth Broadcasting Association project to raise awareness in the UK of the developing world – three additional awards of $10,000 in development grants will be given to filmmaking teams in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Since inception, the fund has sought to encourage Latin American artists to redefine, invent, explore and create stories that reflect their diverse cultures,” the Institute’s director of documentary programming Ryan Harrington said.

“We are proud to expand our support for Latin filmmakers, who bravely push the boundaries of artistic storytelling, and with the help of our partners, look forward to sharing their diverse visions with wider audiences.”