La Brea Pictures to produce its first feature film, Tii Ricks’ Rage – Midsummer’s Eve.

US-based La Brea Pictures will produce Tii Ricks’ new horror movie, which is set in the Finnish Artic Circle, during a time of year when the sun never sets.

Ricks, who is also the film’s writer, said: “Rage – Midsummer’s Eve is a film honoring all the great horror features I have seen in my childhood: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th are all films that I have grown up with and which I secretly watched way before I was supposed to see them. This film is a tribute to all of those films.”

An international cast, including American, English and Finnish actors, will be announced in June with principal photography for the project beginning in July, in Helsinki, Finland.

The film’s theatrical release is set for 2012.