Studio on course to be the most “up-to-date, highly equipped studio in the country”, according to COO Maria Walker [pictured].

Three months after property magnate Sunny Vohra was revealed as Twickenham Film Studios’ mystery buyer, the studio has attracted clients and ordered enough equipment to make it the most “up-to-date, highly equipped studio in the country,” according to Chief Operating Officer Maria Walker.

Walker, who headed the campaign to save Twickenham from being closed in June, announced last night at the Rembrandt Hotel in London that Twickenham had acquired three new mixing consoles - including two DFC Geminis - for each of the studio’s theatres.

“We are doing a lot,” Walker told Screen. “We’re getting the word out that we are the best studio post-production facility in the country.”

Twickenham is looking to install $1.6m in equipment by spring. The studio has already bought 3D projectors and Dolby Atmos surround sound for one of its theatres. There are also plans to build three television mixing rooms and one grading suite, as well as refurbish the changing, hair and make-up rooms.

Two of the studio’s three theatres are currently being used, Walker said, although she could not say who was renting them. She added that all three stages will be in use next week and that the studio recently finished an IMAX film.

The Twickenham staff is also expanding, which Vohra said was one of his goals. Two new engineers, one sound team member, the first-ever sales manager and the first-ever public relations representative have been added.

Walker could not say how much Vohra had invested in Twickenham, but said that considering the “massive expenditure on the infrastructure of the building, refurbishing and upgrading, it’s a lot of money.”

Twickenham hopes to remind the international and local film industry that it’s up and running by improving its social media presence and attending the forthcoming AFM, among other events.

Twickenham is renowned for the production of recent award-winning films such as The Iron Lady, My Week With Marilyn and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.