David Lambert [pictured], Vanja D’Alcantara and Frédéric Dumont among filmmakers to receive funding.

The Walloon-Brussells Federation has granted €3m in funding to 50 films.

In total, 14 features, 13 shorts, 19 documentaries and four television projects were selected for script development or production support.

Among the features are writer-director David Lambert’s I Am Yours, in which a penniless young Argentine escort boy presents himself as an apprentice to a lonely Belgian baker and Vanja D’Alcantar’s script of Kokoro, an adaptation of Olivier Adam’s novel Le Coeur Regulier, in which a young woman travels to Japan in the footsteps of her brother who has died in a car accident.

Following Angel at Sea, Frédéric Dumont joins forces with young writer Marie Braeuner for the script of his second film La Longue Marche, the story of a second-rate boxer of Algerian origin who kidnaps his ex-wife’s new-born baby from the Marseille maternity clinic, while brothers Olivier and Yves Ringer are preparing Les Oiseaux en Passage, about a young girl’s adventurous attempts to rescue a duck.

Yolande Moreau is set to direct Henri, the story of an encounter between two lonely souls on the edge of society, and other funding recipients include Jawad Rhalib and André Buytaers and documentary makers Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, André Chandelle and Carmen Castillo.

The film selection commission grants approximately €10.3m each year for the support of television and filmmaking in the Walloon-Brussels Federation. Its third and final session for 2012 is scheduled later this autumn.