The Cannes Film Festival's filmmakers' workshop known as the Atelier hasannounced great success from its second edition.

Aspiring filmmakers met with industry professionals from 19 countrieswho helped to set projects up with financing.

More than 450 meetings were held this year with eight films set to nowshoot between July and October 2006. Nine others will go before the cameras in spring2007. Each of the films has now reached a level of financing which willfacilitate shooting whereas most of them came into the Atelier with only 20% oftheir budgets locked up.

A handful of the new films are by award-winning directors including Apitchapong Weerasethakul, who won the JuryPrize in Cannes in 2004 for TropicalMalady; and Cristi Puiuwhose The Death Of Mr Lazarescu took the Un Certain Regard award in 2005. Thecomplete list of films is:

Virtual Love by Richard Press (US)

Mange, Ceci Est Mon Corps by Michelange Quay(Haiti)

Tarde by Santiago Palavecino (Argentina)

Dau by IlyaKhrzhanovsky (Russia)

Don't Let Me Down by Cruz Angeles (Mexico)

El Cielo, La Tierra Y La Lluvia by Jose Luis Torres Leiva (Chile)

Scene Of Crime by CristiPuiu (Romania)

The Quagmire by Luiso Berbejo (Spain)

Shiver by Cristina Andreef (Australia)

Black Box by Fabrice Genestal (France)

Buick Rivera by Goran Rusinovic (Croatia)

Road Movie by Dev Benegal (India)

Utopia by Apitchapong Weerasethakul (Thailand)

Kishta by Dover Kosashvili (Israel)

Home by Ursula Meier (Switzerland)

Scar by Teboho Mahlatsi(South Africa)

La Regate by Bernard Bellefroid (Belgium)