The Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP), a rapidly-expanding project market held concurrent to the Pusan International Film Festival, has unveiled 28 official projects for its upcoming edition including works by Wong Kar Wai, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Murali Nair.

The event will also be following up on its plan announced last year to expand into a full Asian market, with sales companies from territories throughout Asia scheduled to be in attendance.

Held from October 5-7, the PPP has evolved into a premiere meeting place for industry professionals with interests in the Asian region. Apart from the official projects - which will enjoy press coverage, meetings with potential investors and the chance to compete for cash awards - the PPP also plays host to a wide range of informal meetings and negotiations among the many international companies in attendance.

From this year, the PPP's Industry Centre will serve as a full-fledged Asian market after previously focusing only on Korean sales companies. At present, booths are scheduled to be manned by 20 Asian sellers such as China Star and Media Asia as well as 9 Korean firms and the Korean Film Commission.

Given the present uncertainties surrounding the autumn market calendar, some believe that the PPP has the potential to pick up some of the business lost by MIFED as buyers and sellers switch to other markets.

The presence of the Busan International Film Commission Showcase (BIFCOM), a locations and post-production market run at the same time as the PPP, will also add to the number of companies present in Busan (the city's official spelling).

Once again, this year's selection of official projects features a mix of famous names and up-and-coming filmmakers from throughout Asia. For this year only, five projects from the Hong Kong Asia Financing Forum (HAF) - which was cancelled due to the spread of SARS last spring - will also be featured in a separate section titled "HAF in PPP."

A final section, New Directors in Focus, is aimed more at the domestic market and highlights young Korean filmmakers trying to make their debut, such as Zung So-yun whose scandalous short The Anatomy Class won multiple awards overseas.

PPP Projects

1. Aditya Assarat / Hi-So / Thailand
2. Joan Chen / The Concubine / China-Canada
3. Cheng Wen-Tang / Deep Ocean (Shen Hai) / Taiwan
4. Areeya Chumsai & Nisa Kongsri / Happiness Is / Thailand
5. Hur Jin Ho / The Happiness / Korea
6. Jeon Soo-Il / The Story Of Korean Priest (Working Title) / Korea
7. Jeong Jae-Eun / Taephoong Taeyang / Korea
8. Kim In-Sik / Love Virus / Korea
9. Kurosawa Kiyoshi / Loft / Japan-Korea
10. Stanley Kwan / A Letter From An Unknown Woman / Taiwan
11. Helen Lee / Ventura / Korea-Canada
12. Lee Myung-Se / The Crossing / Korea-Us
13. Liu Hao / Game And The City (Zi Jin Cheng De Gu Shi) / China
14. Minh Nguyen-Vo / The Buffalo Boy (Mua Len Trau) / Vietnam
15. Murali Nair / Virgin Cow / India
16. Pang Ho Cheung / Waiting For Nike / Hong Kong
17. Wong Kar Wai / Unforgettable / Hong Kong
18. Kenichi Yunome / Some Prefer Nettle (Tadekuu Mushi) / Japan


1. Susie Au / Fable 4:30 Pm
2. Fruit Chan / Mountain Blues(Lian Lian Shan Cheng)
3. Lo Chi-Leung / The Classmates
4. Su Chao-Pin / My Favorite Place
5. Amos Why / Both Of Us

NDIF Projects

1. Kim Joong / The Bull's Balls And God
2. Kim Pan Su / Love House
3. Kwon Yong Kook / The Quiet Village Without Crime
4. Park Jinoh / Crime And Punishment: The Singular Path
5. Zung So-Yun / Embryo