The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) Committee has announced the 27 films selected to receive backing from the Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) this year.

For the Independent Feature Script and Project Development Fund category, three Korean projects, including Seaside by Kim Jong-kwan, and four Asian projects, including Woman On Fire Looks For Water by Malaysia 's Woo Ming Jin, made the final cut.

The Independent Feature Post-production Fund is supporting six films including Land Of Scarecrows by Noh Gyeong-tae (The Last Dining Table), Ocean Of An Old Man by India 's Rajesh Shera, and At The End Of Daybreak by Malaysia 's Ho Yuhang.

The Documentary Project Fund will support five Korean projects including Barbarous Weapon by Lee Kang-gil and nine Asian projects including Quarter No. 4/11 by India 's Ranu Ghosh.

In 2008, the ACF, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), post-production houses HFR, Star East Digital Lab, Wave Lab, and Studio SH as well as Kodak Korea will be providing post-production support to the selectees.

The Documentary Project Fund was sponsored by six universities - Youngsan University, Dongseo University, Kyungsung University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Dong-Eui University and Busan University, as well as Busan Bank, A.tion Fashion, PanStar Cruise Ferry and the Overseas Korean Foundation.

PIFF's upcoming 13th edition will be held Oct 2-10 this year.

Full List of Selectees:

1. 2008 ACF Independent Feature Script and Project Development Fund Selections:

Korean Projects:

Seaside (Kim Jong-kwan)

Daybreak (Cho Kyu-jang)

The Reason (Min Yong-gun)

Asian Projects:

Half Truth (India) Jahar Kan Ungo

Balloon (China) Wanma Caidan

I Carried You Home (Thailand) Tongpong Chantarangkul

Woman On Fire Looks For Water (Malaysia) Ming Jin Woo

2. 2008 ACF Independent Feature Post-production Fund Selections:

Korean Projects:

Land Of Scarecrows (Noh Gyeong-tae)

Breathless (Yang Ik-june)

The Pit And The Pendulum (Son Young-sung)

Asian Projects:

River People (China) He Jianjun

Ocean of An Old Man (India) Rajesh Shera

At The End Of Daybreak (Malaysia) Ho Yuhang

3. 2008 ACF Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund Selections:

Korean Projects:

Barbarous Weapon (Lee Kanggil)

Oasis (Tae Jun-seek)

A Five-way Crossing (Han Bum Seung)

Where The Wind Blows (Lee Mario)

Resilience (Tammy Chu Tolle)

Asian Projects:

Quarter No. 4/11 (India) Ranu Ghosh

Mental (Japan-US) Kazuhiro Soda

Money And Honey (Taiwan) Lee Ching-Hu

Virgin (Iran) Hassanzadeh Tahereh

The Orchard Keeper (China) Yuan He

Now Is The Future Of The Past (China) Huang Weikai

Path Of Anna (Japan, Thailand) Naoi Riyo

The Passion (Mongolia) Byamby Sakhya

Kano : An American And His Woman (Philippines) Monster Jimenez