BillBlock's newly formed QED International (Screendaily, Feb 10) has formed anagreement with Intermedia to co-finance and co-produce four Intermedia-developed films.

QEDwill complete the financing, co-produce and handle worldwide distribution onthe films, led by Spring Break In Bosnia. The comic thriller from The Matador writer/director Richard Shepard will be distributed in the US by WarnerIndependent Pictures.

MarkJohnson is also attached as a producer of the film about three journalistslooking to make their names in the hunt for a Bosnian war criminal.

Shepardalso co-wrote Stopping Power with Eric Red (TheHitcher), which is beingco-produced and co-financed by the two companies and Action Concept.

TheBerlin-set chase movie is about a father who is forced to drive at high speedacross the city to act as a decoy for the criminals who have kidnapped hisdaughter.

The Killer's Game is an action thriller inwhich a jaded hitman and his girlfriend are pursued by the world's most lethalassassins after he decides to quit killing. Simon Kinberg (Mr And Mrs Smith) wrote the screenplay, Simon Crane is set to direct while Andrew Lazar'sMad Chance Productions will co-produce with QED and Intermedia.

The final film in the deal is UntitledDJ Project, a coming-of-age story about a classical musician who becomeship-hop DJ. Outlaw Productions and Deborah Jelin Newmyer are also attached asproducers.

QEDInternational was unveiled by Block last week as a new sales, financing andproduction entity. The deal was closed this weekend in Berlin by QED partnersKimberly Fox and Paul Hanson and Intermedia chairman and CEO Martin Schuermannand motion picture group president Scott Kroopf.

Kroopf will oversee the production ofthe films alongside Ollie Madden, head of UK production and development, andAlison Haskovec, vice president, while QED partner Elliot Ferwerda will overseethe films on behalf of QED.

"The Intermedia agreement represents thefirst of QED's planned partnerships with leading independent producers ofstudio-quality filmed entertainment," said Fox in a statement.

"Weare eager to be in business with InterMedia, which has developed an impressiveand vast slate of motion picture projects, of which these four are particularlyexciting and interesting."

QED was founded by the four partners Block, Fox,Hanson and Ferwerda last month; Block, Hanson and Ferwerda all came frommanagement and production company Key Creatives, while Fox was formerly head ofinternational sales at Kathy Morgan International.