Quantum Entertainment has signed an exclusive joint venture agreement with private investment Moviebank to raise $10m to $12m to provide completion financing for the films that the company will produce over the next three years.

Under the venture, Quantum has teamed with Tony Shawkat's Basra Entertainment to produce gothic thriller Vlad with Billy Zane and Brad Dourif. The second film will be currently-casting Spirit Of Paradise to be written and directed by Quantum president Michael Sellers and produced by John Remark and Tony Shawkat. The film tests the bonds of spiritual love between a young girl and a dolphin when an island paradise is ravaged by a Force 5 hurricane.

'This is a unique and secure opportunity for private investors to participate in a managed portfolio of films that follows conservative film investment policies developed by such major banks as Imperial Bank and Bank of America,' said Nick Mandracken who manages Moviebank's investments.