Relates the story of an ugly, single boy called Elisio who has never found love, but after his mum dies he comes across Nati, who has separated from her husband, and could change everything.

Prod companies: Antena 3 Films, Mediometrini

Backers: Antena 3 Films, Mediometrini, Warner Bros Pictures España

Producers: Mercedes Gamero

Budget: $7m

Director: Nacho G Velilla (Chef’s Special)

Screenplay: Nacho G Velilla, Oriol Capel, Antonio Sanchez, David Sanchez

Cast: Javier Camara, Hugo Silva, Kira Miro, Carmen Machi, Tristan Ulloa

Locations: Huesca, Madrid, Spain

Contact: Antena 3 Films, +34 91 623 0824