CineGroupe, the animation partner of Lions Gate Entertainment, is set to receive a cash injection of $9.1m from Societe generale de financement du Quebec, the state investment agency of the Canadian province.

Lions Gate spokesman Gordon Keep told Screendaily the investment will allow CineGroupe to grow its future business and expand its collaboration with other Lions Gate subsidiaries. "There might be a joint venture on some live action/animation projects or Lions Gate might handle international distribution in areas where [CineGroupe] aren't currently getting exposure." He said the money will also further the company's move into digital production.

Lions Gate owns approximately 30% of the Montreal-based company's equity, while Lions Gate president Andre Link holds more than 50% of its voting stock. Under Quebec's rules of corporate governance, a non- provincial entity cannot control a company that receives provincial investment; hence CineGroupe's classification as 'partner' rather than 'subsidiary' of Lions Gate

CineGroupe has five animation series currently in production or pre-production and previous productions have been broadcast on TELETOON and Super Ecran in Canada; NBC, the Disney Channel, Fox Family and PBS in the US; as well as France's TF1, Germany's ARD, Italy's RAI and Spain's Antenna 3.