Quiero Television, Spain's first and Europe's second-ever DTT platform, has closed two non-exclusive PPV deals with Warner and Disney.

Both deals begin 2001 and last five years through 2005. Among the titles included are Warner's Analyze This, Three Kings and Deep Blue Sea, and Disney's Runaway Bride, End Of Days and Hurricane. The Disney deal gives Quiero product from Touchstone, Miramax, Hollywood and Buena Vista International Television.

Quiero's other two studio output deals - with Universal Studios and Paramount - are also non-exclusive, although Quiero does have exclusive rights to the Studio Universal channel. Indeed, one of the nagging issues of the platform's offer is that much of its product can also be seen on other broadcasters, notably rival digital satellite platforms Canal Satelite Digital and Via Digital.

Responding to suggestions that Quiero might consider a merger with Via Digital - with which Quiero has both product and shareholders in common - the DTT platform's general manager Ildefonso de Miguel said, "We are not negotiating with anyone about a merger."

De Miguel also said the platform planned to spend a cumulative $2.8bn (PTS500,000m) on content acquisitions through the year 2010. Without revealing the platform's current economic losses, de Miguel said Quiero expects to break even in 2004, a year in which it also expects to reach one million subscribers.

Launched last May with 14 channels, Quiero now has 210,000 subscribers, 11% of Spain's digital pay TV market and 7.2% of Spain's overall pay TV market.