Ahead of MIPTV, Rai International Sales and Cinecittà Luce have struck a pact for Rai to handle international sales of the Cinecitta Luce library.

The 10-year deal is renewable.

The library includes more than 200 titles, including works from Rossellini, Olmi, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Liliana Cavani and Giuliano Montaldo.

The agreement between Rai and Cinecittà Luce will also offer HD restored versions of classics by the likes of Bertolucci, Rossellini, Olmi and Zurlini.

“The whole history of Italy in the twentieth century is contained in these films and documentaries,” said Luigi De Siervo [pictured], Rai’s commercial director. “These documentaries and these films made by great directors have made the history of Italian Cinema and we shall distribute these works for all rights and for all platforms, so I am confident that our markets will appreciate this new effort.”